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At a Glance

Robert manages a growing portfolio in music production out of his home studio in Manhattan.  Fluent in Logic Pro X, Robert works frequently to deliver professional-grade mixes, masters, and electronic productions for recurring clientele.  With the intent of producing music of the highest quality for clients on a budget, Robert's home studio comes equipped with acceptable sound-proofing and multi-diaphragm condenser microphones to deliver the best raw audio stems possible. This includes a handful of studio-grade condenser microphones (ranging from large-diaphragm tube to small-diaphragm), as well as an outfitted microphone snake in his living room which allows for session recording at a moment's notice — all connected to an Apollo interface running ADAT (as an extension) to a Focusrite Scarlett pre-amp.

Aside from his self-producing, some of his project portfolio for clients includes producing a full-length albums, professional piano backing tracks for multi-number musicals, and many other freelance engagements.   

Robert has been fortunate to complete DAW-based production/mixing work for clientele such as:

...and others.


Featured Work


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